Will Always Be Captured

most to you

Whether you

... are growing new life within
...have a growing child
...are growing up and graduating
...have grown an eternal love for someone special,

you can save this fleeting moment and relive it again and again.

And I can help you do that

From Fussy Babies to Shy Children to Apprehensive Adults—
All Feel Comfortable and Get Captured Perfectly at

Anastasia’s Photography

a sense of style

portraits that capture emotion and tell a beautiful story

fine art prints that can hang in hallways for generations

state-of-the-art equipment and lenses

With my extensive training in photography and posing, I’m able to help even the most apprehensive adult or shy child feel comfortable and have fun in front of the camera.

If you appreciate:

a fun, enjoyable, and exceptional photography experience

a personable photographer who’s friendly, passionate, and professional

Then, you’re going to enjoy a remarkable, authentic experience from the heart before, during, and after your photoshoot.

hi i'm

If you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, I always tell people it’s like saying “AHH-Nice-To-See-Ya” LOL. 

I’m alllll Greek. Seriously, my parents came straight off the boat and I speak Greek, write Greek, and cook Greek (of course, as a lover of fine food and good taste, I appreciate all backgrounds and everyone’s uniqueness).

hello there

Meet the photographer whose clients become family as she captures their life through every season—from birth through, to their wedding, and beyond

but you can call me Stacy!

I’m always in my happy place.

I am in love with photography, the art behind every photo, and providing you with an exceptional, warm and inviting experience from the heart.

I specialize in preserving

on this remarkable adventure 
for people who love to live a “carpe diem” life.

I became a photographer in 2009 and began interweaving my intuitive spirit, uncontainable passion, and unconditional love for people with my artistic skills to ensure my clients get exactly what they dream of. 

I’ve had years to develop an eye for what clothes, accessories, and locations make your photos an authentic and beautiful work of art. Together, we envision your session and I share tips and tidbits that help you have a phenomenal portrait experience and get photos you love and adore.

My vow to you is this:

I’d love to tell you more about my portrait sessions. 

I listen to your conversations and spot what matters most, so I can hone in on that and give you what you’re looking for
I will always be positive and bubbly during your photoshoot, which means if you have little ones I make lots of noises to entice their sweet smiles and contagious giggles
My passion and commitment to you extends from the photoshoot into how I meticulously edit your photos, deliver your digital images, and design your products
I intentionally plan your photoshoot and lay out your journey with me, so you have an exceptional experience that’s full of just as much excitement and fun as I have bubbling within me

What Can I Show You Next?

your adventure awaits….

Capture your glow as you grow new life within.


Press pause on this sacred age, so you can return to a moment gone by.


Capture the growing personality of your little one with these one-of-a-kind, first-year milestone sessions.




Cherish endless laughter, real moments, and fun outings with your loved ones with a lifestyle or family photoshoot session.



Let your true personality shine with fun and modern shots; and look and feel beautiful with this model-style photoshoot experience where your confidence will soar.




Fall in love with your romantic photoshoot experience and spread your excitement with portraits that tell your love story.



Be in awe of your gorgeous wedding portraits every time you look at them, because they perfectly portray the big & small moments of your special day.



What Can I Show You Next?

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